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Picking Up Your New Puppy

Scottie puppy-Scottish Terrier

Picking Up Your New Scottish Terrier

 Many reputable scottish terrier breeders have certain guidelines they follow when receiving guests at their kennel.When its time to pick up your new scottish terrier puppy. Below is a list of items to consider that you will need for the new puppy to make its trip home. When shipping a scottish terrier,everything needs to be in order in advance,

Today is the day I get to go to my new family. I am so excited!


When you come to pick me up you may need to bring some things with you.
If it’s a short ride I would probably just rather lay on your lap or beside you so you may just need a collar and a leash. 


A Puppy Homecoming

A puppy, like a human baby, requires more than his weight in equipment from the beginning. Let’s look at the New Puppy Checklist of things you will need to own as soon as you chose your puppy: 

  • Travel Crate or Soft-Sided Carrier. This will help you bring your puppy home and take him to the vet or visits to friends safely. The crate goes in the back seat or cargo area, preferably seat-belted in.
  • Leash and Collar Or Harness. Expect to replace these as he grows, but it’s best to get a new puppy used to wearing his tags and walking on a leash. Apply for the ID tags as soon as you know your dog’s name.Or microchip.
  • Food and Water Bowls. These should be sturdy and easy to clean as well as a medium in size.
  • Food. It’s a good idea to begin with the same food we use.  If you wish to modify the puppy’s food, do this by mixing 50/50 of the old with the new for a few days.  This will keep your puppy from getting sick and dehydrated.
  • Bed. Every doggy needs a soft, washable snuggly place to call his own.
  • Crate. We recommend you crate train to help make potty training easier. 
  • Piddle Pads.  New puppies leak, please be patient they want you to love them, but it takes them 3-4 months until their muscles grow enough to hold it past an hour.  
  • Toys. A variety of safe toys to chew and snuggle with make a puppy feel at home.  

  Remember its important that you don't stop at rest areas or travel areas and allow
me to touch the ground as I will have had only one set of shots.

  I will be nervous my first day at my new home so please don’t bring a bunch of people to meet me. I would like to get to know just the people and furry pets that I will be living with on the first day.You will need to show me my role in this family. Just because I am only a puppy don’t let me get away with any bad behaviors. I need to be trained from day one on how you want me to behave as an adult. Just remember I am young and will need constant reminders and guidance to make the correct
choices.I will make mistakes, and so will you. If you leave me unattended and loose on
my own I will make lots of bad choices in the beginning. So just warning you
ahead of time that if you are not there to guide me in the proper behavior then
the bad behaviors I do during that time will be your fault for leaving me
unattended. Don’t spank me or rub my nose in my potty.

  Just to let you know as a pup I will need my beauty sleep. I will usually play
from 20 to 40 minutes then it will be time for more beauty sleep. Please make
sure I am in my crate when I sleep so I don’t wake up and pee on the floor.
As soon as I wake up I will need to go pee. So this is your responsibility to get
me out immediately to my potty spot. There is a pattern that I need you to
follow so that I understand where, when, and how this is to be carried out.


How To Prepare Your Home For A Puppy

  Inviting a puppy into your life provides a great opportunity for housecleaning on a major scale. Since puppies will chew and swallow anything, make sure the floor is very clean of debris. Elevate and secure electrical cords. Time to give up candles, a glass menagerie and candy jars on the coffee table for a while. Cigarette butts, chocolate, grapes and ant traps are toxic and dangerous for puppies, so get any random objects out of your puppy’s reach.  If you have kids, this is the time they too will learn to pick up their favorite shoes, or else!!

  You can puppy-proof rooms your puppy shouldn’t enter with baby gates. Do not use the old accordion-style gates; they are as dangerous for puppies as they are for toddlers. Gates that open easily, secure tightly, and can be seen through will protect your puppy from dangerous areas and will save your special rooms from puppy accidents.

  Remember, puppies WILL get into things. So you will need to behave differently than you did pre-puppy. Do not leave grocery bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks or any easy-to-open containers on the floor. Block off stairs until you know puppy can go up and down without taking a tumble. Basically, think human toddler times 4